Friday, November 18, 2011


Biggest Boy and Grandma share a birthday and we were lucky to have Grandma here to celebrate this year.
To keep with Biggest Boy's birthday tradition, I made them each their names spelled in cake. This is very easy when you have alphabet cookie cutters, and while you waste a lot of cake, the effect is cute. Don't worry though no cake actually gets wasted in this house, cake is my weakness and I am happy to eat the scraps when there is a tub of icing in the other hand.

The monster mash bash was a couple of weeks ago but we wanted to celebrate Biggest Boy style too on his actual day. His choice...
bowling and the arcade.

As a dentist, when it comes to the kids teeth, the only thing I truly feel strongly about is pop. In our home it is only allowed on very special occasions and Biggest Boy was very excited to drink orange crush at the bowling alley.

The other night though, I walked into the kitchen to find Daddy and the boys enjoying nanchos and orange crush in frosty mugs. When I asked Daddy what the pop worthy special occasion was, he replied "NACHO NIGHT"!?!

At the bowling alley, I took this photo for the annual birthday favourite's list...

It is hard to believe Biggest Boy is 7. I still remember him as this little guy....
This was taken Christmas Day 2005 at Baba & Gido's House. He used to play with his matchbox cars for hours on end!
One day I also hope to print this blog as a memory book so I will include one more picture from 2009...aren't they cute??

Happy Birthday Biggest Boy & Grandma!