Sunday, October 31, 2010

"twick o tweet"

Two years ago, severe complications resulting from the birth of Littlest Boy, left me unable to care for myself, never mind the kids. That Halloween, Chris and Sarah happily stepped up and took on trick or treating when we could not. We adore them and have come to think of them as family. Now, three Halloween's later it has become a Bohay-Fuller-Trick-or-Treating-Tradition to spend Halloween together! Daddy was on call and unfortunately missed all of the fun!

Littlest Boy sneaking some candy...

 Walking out the door.  This is Chris with the kids...she stayed behind to hand out candy.

We ditched the Mystery Inc. costumes in favour of something was chilly!

Middle Child made a beautiful unicorn riding Princess!

Biggest Boy recycled his Frankenstein costume from last year.

Littlest Boy was still the cutest Scooby ever!

This was Littlest Boy's first official year trick or treating. He blindly went up people's steps (he could barely see over the Scooby hood) to gleefully exclaim, "twick o tweet" followed by "tank u" before heading back down the steps without any candy. He was simply in it for the candy necessary...a Little Gido in training I think!

And it turns out, our normally shy Biggest Boy is not shy at all where candy is involved. He would actually step into people's homes to view the candy bowl and then proceed to tell them which candy he wanted!

Middle Child should have been dressed as a butterfly. When anyone opened the door, this "social butterfly" would say, "What is your name?" and then tell them hers (and her brothers for that matter). At one point she even introduced Sarah to a nice woman!

This picture was taken at the end of the night...rosy cheeks but oh so happy! Sarah hugs are the best!

I have decided to publish this blog as a memory book for the kids and thought it might be fun to include a few pictures from Halloween's past...

Biggest Boy is 11 months

Middle Child is 6 months and Biggest Boy is almost 2. Biggest Boy is crying because he wanted trick or treaters to stay and not leave after giving them was hilarious!

Absolutely adorable. Period.

Biggest Boy was Spiderman and Middle Child a Princess. Littlest Boy is just 9 days old! I was too sick to take pictures and unfortunately this is the only one I have from Halloween night.

Highlights - Baba and Gido were in town for Halloween. I was a cupcake fairy. I remember someone coming to the door and asking if I was a pomegranate?? Middle Child had an obsession with cats (especially green ones), hence the cat costume. Littlest Boy had a high fever and did not go out with the kids. Biggest Boy would see other kids on the street and offer them candy from his bag and after trick or treating he stood on the front steps yelling, "Lots of candy here!". I think that was the first and last year of candy generosity though...this year I dumped Littlest Boy's candy into Biggest Boy's bag and he said..."Mommy, that makes it mine now!".

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Kids Fun Day

Today we spent the afternoon at Silver Spur Ranch for the Halloween Kids Fun Day in support of Team Rocco Tatangelo and A.L.S. This is a great event for such a deserving local family!
Our Halloween costumes this year...
 Mystery Inc.!

Biggest Boy, being a huge Scooby Doo fan, decided our costumes...I am Velma, Daddy is Shaggy, Biggest Boy is Freddie, Middle Child is Daphne and Littlest Boy is perhaps the cutest Scooby ever!

We enjoyed a BBQ lunch... 
pony rides & painting pumpkins... 
a ride in a fire truck... 
and just hangin' in the pumpkin patch!

And while Daddy makes a great Shaggy, I also think he could pass for Kody Brown (reality tv star from TLC's Sister Wives)...
What do you think?!?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Perfection!

We carved our Halloween pumpkins tonight.
First the kids drew original faces....
or in Littlest Boy's case...random, abstract art
then Middle Child scooped them out...with her little assistant.
Daddy did the carving...
If you are wondering what Littlest Boy's pumpkin is a cross. When we left school on Wednesday Biggest Boy's teacher asked us if we wanted to take the class pumpkin home, of course the kids said yes! Our Christian school, however, does not celebrate Halloween so we are thinking if you carve a cross instead of a scary face into a pumpkin it does not actually count as a Halloween activity!
I picked pumpkin stands up at Target (my favourite store) last year...ironically the "cross pumpkin" is
sitting on a skeleton's body... I think the Princess one is adorable and very befitting our royal Highness.
You can click the picture to see them up close...

Paper Pal Al gave the kids these Halloween bags, filled to the brim with goodies...super cute...and she says she isn't crafty!

Littlest Boy and Middle Child having a ball before heart is full and happy looking at this picture!

Sibling PDA

When I opened the car door this morning, I saw this heartwarming PDA (public display of affection, for those in the know) I quickly snapped a pic with my iphone...
In case you missed it...they are holding hands!

Despite all of the sleepless nights, tantrums and general chaos that ensues with three children... this reminds me why being a mother is such a blessing and the best thing I ever did with my life!!
Littlest Boy and Middle Child have developed quite a bond now that he is less baby and more little person. They often play together and their giggles reverberate throughout the house.
Biggest Boy is in the picture too, although with the DS in hand he is oblivious to even having siblings!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Social Butterfly

Today was a PD day at school (as is tomorrow) and Middle Child declared it was time to see Vania's new baby. Who is Vania you ask? Vania is perhaps the best dental receptionist EVER and also an amazing, kind and generous woman whom we are all missing terribly at the office. This baby was a long time in the making and he could not have been born into a better family! Check out this little cutie! He is three weeks today...
BTY- Her due date was 10.10.10. but he came into the world a few days early...could not wait to meet his Mother I guess!
This is Vania and her little man. Can you believe she had a baby three weeks ago?!? This girl looks fantastic!

Now that I no longer have a baby (insert sigh), I really enjoyed snuggling him. It is easy to forget how small newborns are...

From Vania's house we went to the Pediatrician's office for vaccinations. Unfortunately we had a very long wait in the waiting room (two hours!!). Biggest Boy never noticed...too mesmerized with his DS. Middle Child passed the time by introducing herself to everyone. Two hours later (thanks to Middle Child) I knew everyone's name and everything there is to possibly know about them...she truly is a social butterfly! It is frightening AND fascinating at the same time.

The waiting room was standing room only except for these little monkeys who sat on the floor and were glued to the television. dirty do you think a Pediatrician's waiting room floor is?? Should have brought hand sanitizer.
I told the kids they were getting vaccines and never used the word needle or shot. So when the Dr. approached them with the needles...they all WAILED!!
Suckers make everything better though...just ask Littlest Boy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


My baby turned two yesterday....
I guess this officially means he is no longer my baby, sigh!

I feel the above needs some clarification...
  • Lattes are bottles of warm milk...not hot coffee!
  • Picking "yuckies" does not mean picking his is when he pulls at his knit blanket (aka asi) to get wisps of wool and then rolls these wisps between his fingers to make little fluffy balls.

Middle Child used to make yuckies too, (must be a strange genetic defect) only she used her doll's long brown wool hair and left little trails of brown balls around the house that looked like spiders.

Here is her now bald doll next to one with hair!

If you ask Littlest Boy how old he is he answers, "Toooo" and puts two fingers up, one from each hand. Toooo cute!! See for yourself....

  • The term "yuckies" comes from Grandma who originally said to Middle Child, "Don't do that, it's yucky!".
  • "Asi" (pronounced ah-see) is a word Biggest Boy invented to call his blue knit blanket when he was two. It stuck...Middle Child's pink blanket (crocheted by Aunty Rhian) is also called "Asi" as is Littlest Boy's. Littlest Boy has made up some words of his own too. For instance he has been calling cars "mmm-ba's" since he was 13 months. It took us a while to understand though...we finally clued in when he would see a car commercial on tv and joyfully squeal, "mmm-ba....mmm-ba". He also refers to a school bus as "mmm-bus". 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vicki's Wedding

My cousin's best friend Vicki got married last weekend and we were invited to attend. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding. Vicki is also a friend and patient and it was great to see her so radiant and happy.

The Newlyweds!
The Bohay Crew all dressed up...
"Sashwrin" (Matron of Honour) and family...

The girls were very excited to welcome the wedding party into the reception and Littlest Boy decided to get comfortable (we found his shoes under the table and his socks in his pockets).

Middle Child
 made her way around to several of the tables. She is sitting in the chair (pink shoes) making new friends. Her M.O. is to approach a table and introduce herself, then ask if they want to see her dance moves. Really, how can anyone resist? 

On a side note, I have been trying to teach her "stranger danger". Her response (in an exaggerated tone),
"Oh, Mommy...they are only strangers until you talk to them and then they are your friends". What is a mother to do?!?

Middle Child's new best friend after she approached her at the Church and said, "I really love your dress. You look like a beautiful Princess!"

Notice they are holding hands...

Even cooler to the 4 year olds...they have rhyming names!
My gift to the happy couple...
programs (not pictured), menus and table numbers.

(While the final product looks nice, the process was not...these involved many an early morning and late night with my paper company accidentally supplying the wrong paper, several paper changes, ink issues, stapler issues, etc. I owe a big thank you to Sashwrin for all of her help and of course my paper pal Al's wonderful husband for taking toner cartridges out of his printer and giving them to me in the middle of the guys rock!)