Friday, October 28, 2011

monster mash bash!

The boy's birthdays are only a few weeks apart and this year I decided to throw a huge
It was so much fun!

Kids were invited to dress as their favourite monster or in costume.

Doo Doo The Clown was invited too. Biggest Boy (normally shy) really enjoyed being the centre of attention during the magic show...

Littlest Boy on the other hand didn't quite know what to make of Doo Doo. The look on his face here says it all - Mommy, what were you thinking inviting this guy??

It did not take him long though to warm up to the big guy and enjoy being a part of the show.
I of course went overboard with activities, crafts and decor.
There was a monster hand tattoo station, cotton candy machine and a monster photo booth with props (constructed with PVC piping by Gido). Check out the monster teeth, hats and grins.
Even the adults big kids had fun!

I also created a monster sized sweet table.
Complete with...
monster juice, whoopie pies, cake pops, custom chocolate bars....
monster boogers (kernels popcorn)...
monster bones (carrots), monster brains (cauliflower & broccoli) and more...but my favourite thing was the red velvet monster cute and so yummy!

I also thought the monster water nutritional birthday facts were fun, though pretty sure nobody noticed them. Baba (and Gido) created the most amazing monster fruit platter....thank you again for being so helpful...could not have pulled the party off without you!

BTW - If you too want to make fring-tastic giant numbers like the ones above the sweet table...visit this tutorial...very easy but time consuming! MY TIP OF THE DAY: if you use glue your fingers will become stained the colour of the crepe, if you have an important event (like I did) the next day...wear gloves!

Happy birthday to my sweet boys, you could not be more different but you each bring so much joy into our lives. Big monster hugs to you both!

FYI Nostalgia - The last time we had a joint birthday party was two years ago when we rented a schoolbus and visited a pumpkin farm. The boys were 1 and 5...
And just to prove I have always been a crazy crafty party Momma, here are a bunch of crafts I made for the pumpkin party....

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Littlest Boy turned three...

This beautiful birthday picture came from a family photo session with Robyn Russel. I love this picture. To me, it feels like you are staring directly into his soul however, it also makes me laugh because Littlest Boy is never serious and is almost always laughing or being silly. It doesn't truly capture his spirit but I love it nonetheless.

Here are some of my other favourite photos...

The boy's are having a joint birthday party next weekend but we still wanted to make Littlest Boy's day special. When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner, he said "toast and jam"!
So toast and jam it was...
I can't believe my baby is three...sigh!