Friday, November 5, 2010

quilt festival = fun

Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt FestivalHello fellow festals! This is my first time participating in Amy's Creative Side Blogger's Quilt Festival since this is my first ever quilt! Fortunately, it is a doll quilt and it was the perfect introduction into the wonderful world of quilting. Creating my first quilt was extremely FRUSTRATING (binding issues) and EXHILARATING (opening the dryer to find "puckery goodness") all at the same time!

I was introduced to quilting by my bosom buddy and crafting soulmate Kristie. She made me the most beautiful quilt for my birthday, seen here and here and told me if I can sew a straight line then I too can quilt. Turns out sewing a straight line is a lot harder than it looks but I must say, I am tickled with the outcome! See for yourself...
Kristie and I usually craft all gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and of course, just because gifts. My children and I have been the recipient of so much crafty coolness that that is a separate post in and of itself! This quilt happens to be for Kristie's youngest daughter, whose favourite colour is orange but also has a purple and green bedroom.
I came across this great tutorial on Sew Mama Sew and knew I absolutely had to make it....

Selecting the fabrics was the favourite part of the process for me. I love fabric...I am a terrible sewer but I LOVE, LOVE FABRIC! I played with my 3.5 square charms for some time until I had the perfect combo....and then I pieced them together. I stitched in the ditch and this is where I discovered sewing a straight line is not as easy as it looks! From this I learned I definitely need a 1/4" foot....and a walking foot for that matter...
To add my personal touch I embellished the quilt with a little hand embroidery, and then basted it all together. After doing a lot of reading I decided to use adhesive spray to baste. This worked great...even on the first try...yeah!

The binding just about did me are looking at the back of the quilt with the binding attached (I am a lazy sewer and decided to machine bind the quilt). This part was was figuring out what to do with the two ends of binding that caused me to shed more than a few tears. I think I also watched 50 YouTube videos on this topic that did not help! I finally stumbled across this tutorial that FINALLY made it make sense.

I cut the binding too short three times and had to add more to one of the tail pieces. This is painfully obvious on the right side of this picture....where it boughs out is where the two end pieces joined.
Not pretty. . . but then probably not noticeable to the four year old this is going to!

Even though when I look at this quilt all I see are the flaws, overall I am pleased and I cannot wait to jump into my next for Kristie's middle child!

HAPPY QUILTING EVERYONE and I must say I am uber impressed and inspired by your quilts!!

BTY - This is the bed that will accompany the quilts. It has yet to be painted purple...check back for the completed project including matching sheets and pillow.


  1. Oh, Sam!! I LOVE it! You did a GREAT job!! Love the little bits of hand embroidery, the awesome fabrics...everything! I am sure L will adore it as well. So glad to have you hooked :-) Don't worry, I rarely make the same mistake twice...unfortunately, I never seem to be short of new mistakes to try ;-)

  2. Love it! You did a great job. The fabrics you chose are wonderful and I love the stitching you added.