Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ten. Ten. Ten.

Thanksgiving weekend we celebrated my birthday too. It was a special one this year (at least in my own mind) as it fell on ten ten ten ... October 10th, 2010. Growing up my father called me his "ten ten girl" but this year he can say I am his "ten ten TEN girl"!
The day was fairly unremarkable with most of it spent preparing, cooking and cleaning up the big turkey dinner....however I still managed to have a great day with the family and I received some of the best gifts ever!

My bosom buddy Kristie gave me an early gift at our reunion. Secretly, when I worked my design magic (to take her blog up a notch) I was hoping in turn I would be the recipient of one of her awesome quilts....and sure enough I was...yeah me!! Simply put, it is stunningly gorgeous and I LOVE IT! You can read about it here on her blog. As a fellow crafter, I can truly appreciate the time, effort (and loss of sleep) that goes into such a project, so thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
In Banff we had fun taking pictures with it...and while we were, a musician practicing for a wedding was serenading us....

One of my favorites...

That weekend I was determined to have everyone enjoy & admire it up close.
(Kristie is seen in the middle with PJ and Cam Wong Foo's lovely wife)

I especially love the flower inscription. It reads..."Friends are like bras: close to your heart, and there for support. Thank you for your unwavering friendship. I miss having you near! Let this quilt give you a warm hug when I cannot." Kristie, hopefully you do not mind me sharing this. Your words are sincerely heartwarming and I want you to know I cuddle up with my quilt nightly, usually with a cup of tea and I think of you. You are an amazing friend and I will say it again and again and are an inspiration!

My Paper Pal Al also surprised me with a stunning handmade tote bag by Amy from Nana Co (my favourite Etsy seller). Paper Pal is a self professed non-crafter but she did design it, from our signature orange and fuscia to the paperdolls theme. It is awesome. Amy has done work for me in the past and I am always impressed with the quality and creativity of her work. She hand embroidered our paperdoll logo perfectly! Al knows me well to choose something so perfect. Also hand in hand (get it...paperdolls hand in hand!) she found a "paperdoll" necklace and had it engraved with 10.10.10. Alison, I have not known you long yet it feels like we have been friends forever. Thank you for making my birthday paperdoll perfect!

My husband too spoiled me with a Tiffany charm bracelet and two charms (see below). I hear many women complaining about how thoughtless their husband's can be when gift giving but mine is definitely not! I love the idea of a charm bracelet too because I will look forward to any new charms he chooses and their meanings. This year I received the cupcake charm...he says because paperdolls is working on cupcake toppers (I guess he IS paying attention) and also for my love of all things cake. I think the heart-I love you pendant is self explanatory. I am a lucky, lucky girl!

The kids and I.

My cousin also gifted me an evening out while she watches the kids - I can't wait to take her up on it!

Now that I am 36 I think I will stop counting, assuming of course...I still get cake!
Our Thanksgiving/Birthday dinner! 

Middle Child's Thanksgiving pumpkin. Notice the beet hair accessory.
She is definitely a girly girl!
In case you are wondering there are apricots for ears, cauliflower eyes and a nose made of broccoli!

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  1. Awww, thanks Sammi! Glad you are still enjoying its cuddles. In my book of friends, you are a 10.10.10. :-)

    Looks like you scored big all around! Love the Nana Co. bag- you guessed it! And your hubby knows you well to choose the cupcake charm. I agree, I will happily continue to have bdays as long as I get cake and presents...what is everyone complaining about? Getting old is fine....Besides, we are making 36 look GOOD.

    XOXO K