Saturday, April 2, 2011

mommy guilt saves the day

This Spring, my alter ego "Dr. Sam", had the opportunity to go into the kids classrooms and speak about making healthy snacking choices and proper brushing.

Unfortunately, I started violently vomiting the night before and was in no state to leave my bed, never mind go into the school. Middle Child was devastated and through tears pleaded with me to come. I am convinced it was sheer Mommy guilt that got me out of bed.

On the way to school, I actually had to pullover to throw up in a neighbour's yard...sorry neighbour! I was however, able to hold it together during my presentation but had to miss the one I was supposed to give that afternoon at the kids former daycare. Can you see the sweat on my brow?? The power of a four year old's tears and Mommy guilt is truly amazing!!

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