Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dancing Queen

Middle Child and I attended Vania's sons baptism earlier this month. We had so much fun and Middle Child provided most of the evenings entertainment with her completely UNINHIBITED dancing. You have to watch the video below and I challenge you not to laugh out loud. I am tempted to put this video on YouTube...not sure those dance lessons are paying off!

Middle Child only took a break from dancing to pose with her favourite people
(Vania, Linda and Debbie).  

This baptism seemed more like a mini wedding. There was an incredible sit down dinner and then an hour later we were tempted with four seafood and dessert tables. I could not help but take a picture of the decadence! 

This little cutie is the baptismal boy and the framed picture was the party 

My contribution to the party...favour tags.
FYI - his name is blocked out for privacy.

1 comment:

  1. Go A.! Love the "breakdancing" and the wee bit of pole dancing at the end, especially!

    btw, L. has the same dress! Do we know how to dress our girls or what?

    That is one serious party!