Sunday, February 20, 2011

I heart high tea

Middle Child insisted on having a Valentine's tea party with her dance friends. I never say no to a party and got to work pulling out the fancy china and silver and arranging our basement for Valentine's High Tea! We made sure to plan it for a day when cousin C was visiting from Winnipeg.

The china seen in this picture was originally
Jordan's Grandmothers.

There were crafts (of course).

Even Uncle Mike got into the action.
Having a daughter has definitely softened him!

It is hard to believe cousin C is only 3,
she fits right in with the 4 and 5 year olds!

Monkey was invited too.

There was no shortage of cupcakes,
thanks to Paper Pal Al!

Littlest Boy crashed the party to steal a cupcake.

This is a picture of the Valentine's we handed out
at the party and to our school friends.
I had fun designing and assembling them...more than the kids I think!
The big kids are simply cellophane bags stuffed and
sealed with handmade sticker labels.
Biggest Boy was the Love Bandit...I just love his writing!
Littlest Boy's are paper wrapped Kinder Eggs and
because he is too small to sign his name, I included his picture.


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