Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crafty Christmas

In December, despite recovering from surgery and having 9 extra house guests, I did still manage to turn out a few Christmas craft projects.
Remember the doll quilt I submitted for the blogger's quilt festival? Well, I finished the bedding and painted the bed to match and also completed a second for Kristie's beautiful daughters. (Kristie is not only an amazing friend but a crafting Goddess). This was by far the largest gift project I have taken on to date but also the most rewarding! I must say quilting does not come easily to me and I hope nobody is looking to closely at my pitiful binding! Hopefully (fingers crossed), practise will make perfect.
The second doll quilt...

 The completed beds...these were made to match each girls room but also incorporate their favourite colours. My favourite are the pillows.

Before these were delivered via my mother's suitcase they were rigorously tested (and jumped on) by Littlest Boy!

I gifted two HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS felt banners to the kids classrooms. The kids loved these and it was actually their suggestion to make them after they had birthday parties for Jesus at school. I also made a few tartan tablecloths for Middle Child's teacher to cover the tables for the Scotland classroom transformation. This came about one day after school when the teacher asked me if I had any that I could lend her. I thought about it and then said no, but I would be happy to whip some up for her. Who are we kidding?? I am not capable of whipping anything up but I was happy to help, she is such a deserving woman!

Banners have become a bit of an obsession with me as of late and this is one I made for Paper Pal Al for Christmas.
For the teachers, Baba helped me make homemade peppermint bark which I placed inside a ceramic gingerbread house along with a SEND A CHILD TO SCHOOL Samaritan's Purse charitable gift note.

The children at school received giant suckers with handmade labels that represented my kids...I'm sure most parents were wondering why a dentist would be handing these out!

Last but not least, I designed pins for my OCD friend from shrink plastic to match her blog world identity...can't wait to see them in your awesome tutorials!

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  1. All of your efforts were much appreciated!! The girls LOVE their doll beds, and the quilts, matching pillows and sheets are the cutest! The girls choose a different "worthy" stuffed toy each night to sleep in the bed, that is when Bailey isn't trying to sneak into them! As for me....I adore my OCD pins! I had a few people comment wanting to buy some- in case you are looking to start any more new businesses ;)
    Thanks so much again, Sam! You spoiled us as usual :-)