Sunday, June 5, 2011

mommy daddy retreat

This year, Jordan and I decided we would not do Mother's Day/Father's Day gifts and instead take a short retreat to Phoenix with our good friend Elijah and his girlfriend. Does escaping your kids for a Mother's Day/Father's Day gift make you bad parents??
Either way, Mother's Day 2011 will not be remembered in the top five best Mother's day of all time. It involved my husband being on call and 12 hours at the hospital with a sick Littlest Boy.

My day started early that Sunday morning when I asked Jordan to listen to Littlest Boy's chest before he left for work. I was concerned after I had been up with him most of the night with a bad cough and laboured breathing. Daddy confirmed that his right lung was not functioning well and suggested I pack up the kids and take him to the hospital. One of the perks of being married to a Dr. is that the ER was expecting us and called the Pediatrician as soon as we arrived. She took a listen, administered inhaled steroids and then told us to wait while they monitored him for bacterial versus viral pneumonia. It was a LONG day but the kids were troopers! I got home late that night to flowers that had obviously been delivered to my doorstep much earlier in the day. My husband always has a way of making me feel special, wilted flowers or not!

Father's Day was less traumatic and involved a quiet family day with all of Daddy's favourite foods....Earl's Fettuccine Alfredo and Marble Slab Creamery ice cream. Daddy's mixture of choice: banana, graham cracker and birthday cake ice cream...YUM!

We love you Daddy!
Our retreat - Sanctuary at Camel Back Mountain! It was beautiful and we really enjoyed our grown-up time with Elijah and Steph. I have to admit that Arizona would not have been my first choice...I am deathly afraid of snakes! Nevertheless, it was a nice escape from the everyday. Thanks Aunty Chris and Grandma for watching the kids and allowing us the opportunity to go! Also thanks to Sarah for being the best birthday party chauffeur ever!

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