Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ballet Beauties

A Little bit little and a little bit big started ballet and jazz lessons again this morning. She is pictured here with Best Bud and yes, even on her tippy toes she is still a good 6 inches shorter! Perhaps I should change her blog name to Vertically Challenged! Love the leg warmers Best Bud....
Parents are not normally allowed to watch the classes but today they had the blinds open.....the girls were little hams and I'm sure this is the explanation for why they are closed most days.

Leaving the dance studio, happy as pie and asking how many sleeps till next Saturday! It was great to see our dance friends (and Mommy's) today.


  1. cute cute cute............what a great blog!!! You need to write a book on time management. How on earth do you do all this and still stay sane??

  2. Hmmmm, 6 inches shorter eh? Sounds like me and my dwarfy dental school friend(s)........

  3. I can see that she loves it as much as last year. Can't wait to escort her to dance class again....