Monday, September 20, 2010

Chuzzle Champion

I have a secret obsession... Chuzzle! Chuzzle is the best computer game ever invented! Basically, you have to match at least three coloured fuzzy balls. Sounds silly, but it is a great brain teaser and simply put... ADDICTIVE! I am currently the Classic and Speed Chuzzle internet Champion. The proof is pictured here....I play under Biggest Boy's name because until now I have never admitted to anyone my guilty pleasure!!
As you can see, the kids come by their computer playing obsession honestly. Even our 22 month old knows how to use a mouse.....

WARNING - This game is highly addictive and will consume hours (maybe even days) of your free time!!
Consider yourself warned!


  1. Brain teaser eh? Looks like a strange PacMan game to me. Nevertheless, you getting high scores is not a surprise. (Hubby must be feeling the pressure)

  2. Ok, I'm a serious chuzzler, to. And I still can't figure out what exactly makes the locks come up on some chuzzles. I know that exploding four in a block brings up a fat chuzzle, and exploding five chuzzles brings a flashing one, but what causes locks to appear? Thanks!