Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Thank God for weekends!"

On school days my morning routine is to walk the kids to the school doors where they drop off their backpacks and then head to the school yard to play. I then take a shortcut through the school to drop Littlest Boy off at the daycare. Often I will stay with him after the school bell rings and as such will overhear O Canada followed by the Principal's morning prayer. This past Friday our principal said "we thank God for weekends". Amen to that Mr. Zondervan! What a great weekend we had....our cousins visited from Ottawa and fun was had by all!

tunnels, forts and computer games....

princess tea parties.... 

A wagon, a hill and three determined children!
                  1. Struggling to pull Littlest Cuz up the hill
                  2. A helping hand from Uncle D
                  3. Single handedly pulling Big Cuz up the hill
(she may be vertically challenged but she is definitely mighty!)

Also, Biggest Boy had his skating assessments today for hockey. He is definitely not a "sporty boy" and would much rather be at home in front of the computer. It took a lot of encouragement for us to get him on the ice and half way through he was complaining about being tired...being hungry...needing to go to the bathroom...wanting to go home...however, as he was leaving he saw a friend from his old daycare in the next time block and enthusiastically said, "Daddy, can I come back next week??" Stay tuned as to whether or not hockey "sticks"?!?

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  1. House full of kids, what more could a loving family need. On the hockey front, you do know there is a tradition of goalie on one side of the gene pool.