Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Hi Linda"

My good friend Linda came over this past weekend to hang out with us for an afternoon. The kids love Linda and we always look forward to her visits. The littlest boy kept repeating over and over, "Hi Linda, hi Linda" and would not stop until she answered back. He has a limited vocabulary and is always impressed with himself when he masters names.

My mother and father in law are called Baba and Gido and while Baba came easily he just learned to say Gido. Now it is all we hear but his voice is like music to our ears...literally! Enter proud Momma for a moment...littlest boy has remarkable manners...he cannot say thank you so his version is "mmmm Momma" (interpreted thank you Momma). God, I love that kid!

We had lots of fun at the park, followed by a delicious dinner (provided by my paper pal Al-she gets that while I do have strengths, the kitchen is definitely not one of them!) and authentic Italian Gelato at La Paloma. Thanks for a great day Linda....come back soon! And thanks Alison for the yummy salmon and chicken patina!

I'm the King of the World!
Hold on!

Littlest Boy's favourite thing at the park...throwing wood chips! This is the lovely mess he created on the nice new swing turf....

Despite the cooler weather, Biggest Boy thought it would be fun to soak himself in the splash pad. Afterwards he exclaimed, "Mommy did you bring a towel? I think I'm wet"!


  1. Looks like fun :-) Say hi to Linda for me!

  2. Great to see the kids having a blast with Linda. Hope to get a chance to see her on my next visit.