Monday, September 20, 2010

Budding Photographer

A little bit little and a little bit big likes to take (and by take, I mean steal) my iPhone and use it to snap pictures. These lovelies were taken at my paper pal Al's home last week during a pizza playdate.
The pictures include; a) her feet b) a TV screen shot of Justin Bieber c) air guitar to Justin Bieber d) baby feet and e) Justin Bieber's biggest fan! 

Truly hilarious....I am always amused by her perspective of the world!

And I must say she truly captured the essence of a mompreneur power meeting with this picture.

What is a MOMPRENEUR you ask?
"A female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur".

This is a paper by paperdolls power meeting at an Ikea kids table in the playroom!!
With 6 kids {6 and under}, this is often how we get things done... way to go Little bit little and a little bit big!

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  1. I remember my first photos, they were fuzzy and black and white. The ones you posted are better than my first ones. Also, thanks for the insight on why I can't get into Biebermania. (Did you know Depeche Mode still tours!)