Thursday, October 28, 2010

Social Butterfly

Today was a PD day at school (as is tomorrow) and Middle Child declared it was time to see Vania's new baby. Who is Vania you ask? Vania is perhaps the best dental receptionist EVER and also an amazing, kind and generous woman whom we are all missing terribly at the office. This baby was a long time in the making and he could not have been born into a better family! Check out this little cutie! He is three weeks today...
BTY- Her due date was 10.10.10. but he came into the world a few days early...could not wait to meet his Mother I guess!
This is Vania and her little man. Can you believe she had a baby three weeks ago?!? This girl looks fantastic!

Now that I no longer have a baby (insert sigh), I really enjoyed snuggling him. It is easy to forget how small newborns are...

From Vania's house we went to the Pediatrician's office for vaccinations. Unfortunately we had a very long wait in the waiting room (two hours!!). Biggest Boy never noticed...too mesmerized with his DS. Middle Child passed the time by introducing herself to everyone. Two hours later (thanks to Middle Child) I knew everyone's name and everything there is to possibly know about them...she truly is a social butterfly! It is frightening AND fascinating at the same time.

The waiting room was standing room only except for these little monkeys who sat on the floor and were glued to the television. dirty do you think a Pediatrician's waiting room floor is?? Should have brought hand sanitizer.
I told the kids they were getting vaccines and never used the word needle or shot. So when the Dr. approached them with the needles...they all WAILED!!
Suckers make everything better though...just ask Littlest Boy.

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