Saturday, October 2, 2010


My Class of 2000 ten year dental reunion was held in Banff last weekend. I went with the simple dream of a bed with no children in it and the notion of catching up on many hours of much needed sleep...have I mentioned my children are slowly killing me through sleep deprivation? And while sleep was not in the cards, to quote my bosom buddy Kristie, it was "the best weekend of our lives"! More on that to come.

Unfortunately the Great Escape did not start off well. Anyone who knows me, knows flying brings on sheer panic and is probably my least favorite thing to do. When I travel without the kids, I self-medicate heavily, but on this fine Fall day I forgot to pack my meds. With unusually heavy traffic we arrived quite late to the airport and I barely made it through security. I was 1 minute away from them closing the flight (Gido, if you are reading this, I know you are shaking your head and thinking this is why I go to the airport 12 hours early!!) Immersed in chaos, I was running on adrenaline and thinking everything will be OK, I can watch TV and lull myself into thinking I am in my bed enjoying my favourite shows, who needs meds anyways?! And then I saw this...

You are looking at the seat back in front of me with NO TELEVISION! I started to panic (again) and then did what any insane (crafty) person would do.....

I embroidered!  Well, first I cried and then I embroidered. Not sure how I got the needle through security, but somehow it made it in my carry on and kept me occupied (and distracted from impending doom) while I embroidered Big G's name onto a book bag.
Four hours later, I looked up and saw the beautiful Rocky Mountains on the horizon and could not help but smile knowing I had made it!

FYI - the one stipulation of me going away sans family was that I had to leave my husband well prepared. This is our dining room the night before I left, divided into days with complete outfits (and accessories) for three small children. I have to say I had my doubts leaving them alone but he did a great job so I think I am going to start planning my next great escape!

P.S. Do not feel too badly for my husband... he enjoyed a Great Escape this Summer as well when I arranged a surprise "boys" trip to Vegas (including a Lamborghini) for his 40th birthday!

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