Sunday, October 24, 2010


My baby turned two yesterday....
I guess this officially means he is no longer my baby, sigh!

I feel the above needs some clarification...
  • Lattes are bottles of warm milk...not hot coffee!
  • Picking "yuckies" does not mean picking his is when he pulls at his knit blanket (aka asi) to get wisps of wool and then rolls these wisps between his fingers to make little fluffy balls.

Middle Child used to make yuckies too, (must be a strange genetic defect) only she used her doll's long brown wool hair and left little trails of brown balls around the house that looked like spiders.

Here is her now bald doll next to one with hair!

If you ask Littlest Boy how old he is he answers, "Toooo" and puts two fingers up, one from each hand. Toooo cute!! See for yourself....

  • The term "yuckies" comes from Grandma who originally said to Middle Child, "Don't do that, it's yucky!".
  • "Asi" (pronounced ah-see) is a word Biggest Boy invented to call his blue knit blanket when he was two. It stuck...Middle Child's pink blanket (crocheted by Aunty Rhian) is also called "Asi" as is Littlest Boy's. Littlest Boy has made up some words of his own too. For instance he has been calling cars "mmm-ba's" since he was 13 months. It took us a while to understand though...we finally clued in when he would see a car commercial on tv and joyfully squeal, "mmm-ba....mmm-ba". He also refers to a school bus as "mmm-bus". 

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