Saturday, October 23, 2010

PPA B-Day!

When I met my Paper Pal Al (PPA) I was surprised by how parallel our lives are. Everything from the age of our children to our choice in vehicles. Our birthdays are just four days apart too.

Recently, I read an article on Kristen Bell that struck a chord. She said, "I have accepted what matters in my life is making other people happy. That in turn makes me happier than you can imagine". Essentially, that in a nut shell is me. When I spend hours of my free time making handmade gifts, my husband will often say to me..."Why are you spending so much time on that when you can just get something from the store?" and that right there is the answer. I LIKE making things for people I care about. So when it came to PPA's birthday, I got busy crafting!!

Despite all of our similarities, there is one striking difference between us....she is amazing in the kitchen and I am not!

I figure, every good cook needs a good apron, so when I saw this tea towel at Crate and Barrel, I knew exactly what to do with it!

The Before - A Crate and Barrel tea towel and natural linen yardage.

The After - A lovey apron for an excellent cook!

To make your own, I added a ruffle bottom to this tutorial.
Al has admired pennant banners I have made for my kids in the she has her very own...
 Coordinated packaging for the apron and birthday banner...

I also made glittery silver numbers to go atop a cake made by We Bake In Heels (Al has been on me to get these into production for paperdolls) and personalized stationery. The envelopes are lined with the background paper.

Hope you liked your handmade birthday PPA!

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  1. Ohhh, I likey the apron, nice job!

    Did you two eat all that cake???