Saturday, October 23, 2010

Littlest Birthday Boy

Thanksgiving weekend we celebrated Littlest Boy's 2nd birthday. That boy loves nothing more than Elmo and jumping on the bed, so we had an Elmo Jumping Castle Party with our cousins from Ottawa. It was a perfect fall day for little people to play outside. The following is a smorgasbord of Elmo jumping birthday fun!

The Birthday Boy!


Big thanks to Baba & Gido for the new garage,awesome fire truck Grandma and love the books Auntie "Sashwrin"!
It just would not be a Bohay party without a pinata!
Opening the loots! 
Daddy made his famous lasagna...yum!
Look Ma, no hands!

And of course I made a few birthday crafts for my baby....
Elmo cupcake toppers and a glittery number 2!
A new birthday banner...can you see the 23 lb Thanksgiving turkey in the background?
FYI - The turkey is sitting in a Martha Stewart roasting pan I received when Baba and I saw Martha live in NY. Thanks Martha!


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