Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Perfection!

We carved our Halloween pumpkins tonight.
First the kids drew original faces....
or in Littlest Boy's case...random, abstract art
then Middle Child scooped them out...with her little assistant.
Daddy did the carving...
If you are wondering what Littlest Boy's pumpkin is a cross. When we left school on Wednesday Biggest Boy's teacher asked us if we wanted to take the class pumpkin home, of course the kids said yes! Our Christian school, however, does not celebrate Halloween so we are thinking if you carve a cross instead of a scary face into a pumpkin it does not actually count as a Halloween activity!
I picked pumpkin stands up at Target (my favourite store) last year...ironically the "cross pumpkin" is
sitting on a skeleton's body... I think the Princess one is adorable and very befitting our royal Highness.
You can click the picture to see them up close...

Paper Pal Al gave the kids these Halloween bags, filled to the brim with goodies...super cute...and she says she isn't crafty!

Littlest Boy and Middle Child having a ball before heart is full and happy looking at this picture!

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  1. I love that yoru husband wore scrubs to carve pumpkins!!