Sunday, October 3, 2010


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From the quilt shop we drove straight to Banff. After completely underestimating how much time two crafty dentists require in a quilt store, we arrived late for the first group dinner Kristie had planned. Actually, Kristie organized the entire weekend and we are all forever in her debt. This girl has many, many talents and certainly can add first rate cruise director to the list!

We hit the ground running, enjoying some girly beverages, good food and great company! 

I left Winnipeg, shortly after graduating and have not seen some of my classmates for 10 years...though it did not seem to matter, we all just picked up as if we saw each other yesterday.
Ryan was designated reunion photographer and when he sent us the photos he wrote, "We've grown up, reached out, moved away, found love, raised families, built practices, and defied the customary habit of losing touch with friends over the years. Although the success of this past weekend was largely due to the tireless work of Kristie, everyone in attendance was responsible for the warmth and joyous atmosphere.  Even friends who were not able to make the trip, the very mention of their names would conjure up memories, punctuated by laughter."
I could not have said it better...four years of dental school turned us into family and I am forever grateful for such a great group of friends!

This is a collection of some of my favourite photos....
We are #1 refers to three Beer n' Skits wins in a row... oh yeah!

Chris's story telling had Kristie laughing so hard she had tea coming out of her nose! I too, have never laughed so hard as I did that weekend. Nobody can tell a story like the WATO's and my abs thank you for it!

Despite these warning signs for bears and killer elk we went for a hike in the mountains. Bad things tend to happen to me, so Ryan made sure my feet never touched the ground! Thanks Bing!

Question: How many Dentists fit in a minivan?
Answer: 8
(plus 1 Optometrist, Heather...who is officially part of the family)

Boys being boys...

Exploring our inner rock star in the dark at 2am and our boy band contingent... 

Cheers to the Class of 2000! Can't wait for 2015!

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  1. I am still recovering! That is the only indication that we have aged :-) WORTH IT!! I've been on a high all week....the "cruise director" is definately scheduling the quilt tour into Vegas 2015 (if not much sooner!).